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Hua Yu

City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Hua Yu is Billy Wilder Endowed Professor, Co-Leader of Cancer Immunotherapeutics Program, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center and Associate Department Chair of Immuno-Oncology.  Dr. Yu is a noted expert and pioneer on the cancer-promoting protein STAT3 and was the first to uncover and define the protein’s effect on the immune system. Dr. Yu’s studies have laid the foundation for a new generation of molecular targeted cancer therapy approaches that disable both tumor cells and the tumor stromal cells, which are critical for tumor growth. She has developed potentially paradigm-shifting novel siRNA and antibody delivery technology platforms to inhibit STAT3 and other challenging targets.

Dr. Yu received her bachelor’s and doctoral degrees from Columbia University in NYC. She completed fellowships with the American Cancer Society and the National Institutes of Health. The fundamental discoveries from her laboratory have been well supported continuously by grants from the National Institutes of Health. Her recent studies have been published extensively in such prestigious biomedical/cancer research journals as Nature Medicine, Cancer Cell, Nature Biotechnology, Immunity and Cell Metabolism.