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The Genetics Society of China

The Genetics Society of China (GSC) is a non-profit membership society and serves as the national organization for genetics scientists in China. GSC was formally established in 1978. GSC joined CAST (China Association for Science and Technology) in 1978 and IGF (Federation of International Genetics) in 1980. The aim of GSC is to promote development of genetics, popularize genetics science, enhance genetics education and train genetic talent. It is a platform for the communication between geneticists from China and other countries in the world.

GSC has 20 special committees under its umbrella, covering all genetics fields. Currently, GSC holds a diversity of academic conferences, symposia, forums, salons and public lectures. Some of the important meetings or seminars have attracted attention by government, enterprises and other institutes from cross-border area. GSC commends and rewards excellent genetics research achievements, and outstanding professionals every year. The awards include "Li Ruqi's Animal Genetics Award", "CC Tan's Genetics Education award", "Wu Min's Human and Medical Genetics Award", which greatly support and promote talent development for genetics. GSC is committed to engaging the public with genetics science and technology and inspiring innovation in young generation through science education programs, flip charts and books. GSC sets up one science education team and four science education bases. The popular science booklets of "The secret of deafness genetics" and "The story of weeds and wheat" help people, especially young students, have a basic knowledge of genetics. GSC sponsored four journals including Journal of Genetics and Genomics, Hereditas (Beijing), Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics and Acta Laser Biology Sinica.